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Toe to toe with Dan Pallotta

If you enjoyed my post Should NonProfit Leaders be Like Boiled Broccoli, you might be interested in the discussion on Sean Stannard-Stockton’s Tactical Philanthropy blog between Dan Pallotta (author of Uncharitable), Robert Egger (founder of DC Central Kitchen), with me … Continue reading

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Becoming a must-read blog (or, tackling my RSS feeds)

As part of my year-end housecleaning, I’ve been trying to catch up on the 30 or so blogs that are in my RSS feed.  It’s been time-consuming and stressful. (for those of you not using an RSS reader, I encourage … Continue reading

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Should nonprofit leaders be like boiled broccoli?

Nicholas Kristof had a very interesting column in Tuesday’s NY Times called “The Sin of Doing Good,” focusing on Dan Pallotta and his new book, “Uncharitable.”  Kristoff leads off the column with this question: “If a businessman rakes in a … Continue reading

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How to Listen to your Critics

Recently I took a short vacation at a well-known family resort. Before going, I had searched the Web looking for feedback about the hotel from other travelers who had been there.  Mostly I found a lot of complaints about ‘terrible … Continue reading

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Boston Globe’s Big Picture

You have to check out The Big Picture, The Boston Globe’s amazing photo blog. As we approach the end of the year, and reflect on all the year has brought, it is natural to focus on our own struggles and … Continue reading

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Start with the punchline, please

I had two half hour conversations today that were completely upside-down. In both cases I was talking to people I didn’t know very well, and I had agreed to (not set up) the calls.  Both people were smart, capable, and … Continue reading

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Another data point: Merrill Lynch

If you’re curious about exactly how out-of-whack incentive pay (bonuses) got in recent years on Wall Street, check out this recent NYTimes article called, “The Reckoning: On Wall Street, Bonuses, Not Profits, Were Real”, especially this tidbit that gives an … Continue reading

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LIFE photo archive now available on Google

In its continued quest to organize the world’s information, Google images now has never-before-seen images from the LIFE photo archive. I categorize this under “just plain cool,” and it’s a reminder that new, interesting, and useful information is available daily … Continue reading

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Smile in the face of Madoff

It’s really struck me in a new way this week how serious this financial crisis is. Maybe it’s just the other shoe dropping on this new reality; or maybe it’s because, on top of everything , the former chairman of … Continue reading

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10 things I knew nothing about a year ago

Here’s a short list of things 10 things I knew absolutely nothing about at the start of 2008, before I started writing this blog: What an RSS feed is / how it works The differences between Bloglines and Google Reader … Continue reading

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