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Matt Harding’s caveman brain

You’re probably one of the 20 million people who have seen Matt Harding’s video online.  You know, the one with the guy doing a goofy dance all over the world… Sure, it’s silly.  But it’s also hopeful and inspirational, transcendence … Continue reading

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The catch

To thank someone in a way that touches and moves them, you have to feel real gratitude. To be outstanding at customer service, you have to want to make your customers love your product (not just be “satisfied”). To have … Continue reading

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Let’s trade in these old stories

Roll the tape from my childhood TV screen: image of a 4 year old Ethiopian girl, ribs visible, distended belly, flies on her face, and a voice over, “For just 50 cents a day, you can feed this child.” This … Continue reading

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I want to help

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about offers to help / volunteer in the nonprofit sector, and I think these cut both ways more than most people realize. On the one hand, I laud President Obama’s call to service and … Continue reading

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Jacqueline Novogratz on Charlie Rose tonight

Jacqueline Novogratz, Acumen Fund CEO and author of The Blue Sweater, is going to be on Charlie Rose tonight at 11pm (here’s the replay). We just learned about this…thought it was going to be next week. So if you want … Continue reading

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When you have to nail it

I used to commute by car to work, which reinforced my deep-seated loathing of being stuck in traffic.  Never mind the fact that most traffic is caused by things that seem like they shouldn’t cause a slowdown (rubbernecking).   I find … Continue reading

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I’m beginning to wonder

If blogging is “here is what I think.” Is Twitter “here is what I think is interesting?” Very different, both influential. (Food for thought: why is it so much easier to get Twitter followers than blog subscribers? Does it feel … Continue reading

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Honey, did you hide the Sample Copy button again?

I don’t know for sure, but I’d venture to guess that, given the near-extinction of the VCR, the copy machine has captured the title of Consumer Electronics Product that Most Makes People Want to Scream. Today, two and a half … Continue reading

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Help me help you

My favorite scene in the movie Jerry Maguire has Tom Cruise’s Jerry at the breaking point, berating Cuba Gooding Jr’s character to “help me help you!” Jerry is a former star sports agent on the brink of losing everything (including … Continue reading

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What’s in it for me?

There are a lot of ‘what’s in it for me’ strategies out there, and they are usually run by ‘what’s in it for me’ people.  Right now AIG feels a lot like this, as do seven- and eight-figure bonuses at … Continue reading

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