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The simplest nonprofit ven diagram ever

I presented today to an amazing group of 30+ summer interns and new hires who are about to start working for Acumen Fund, E+Co, Root Capital, Agora, IGNIA and Endeavor – all organizations that are supporting entrepreneurship in the developing … Continue reading

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Keep change pumping

Last week I heard a story on NPR about CPR protocols in life-threatening situations.  The story starts with Scott Harden, who, just before bedtime, heard his 33 year-old wife gasping for air. “She was not the right color,” Scott said, … Continue reading

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A question I’ve never been asked on a sales call

I got a call today from a headhunter looking to get hired to conduct searches.  It’s the second time he’s called me since March. First, kudos to him for being on top of things.  He has a list of prospects, … Continue reading

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Call it out

I recently went out to a nice birthday dinner at a new TriBeCa restaurant in New York City.  It’s been open for about a month, and while the food is delicious, the service is still finding its way.  Our waiter … Continue reading

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What do you do for joy? What gives you a deep feeling of peace? What energizes and sustains you? What nourishes your soul? Do you make enough space in your life for these things? If not now, when? : : … Continue reading

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It’s not you

I busted my left knee a little more than 15 years ago in a skiing accident – torn ACL, meniscus tear, the works.  I was on ski vacation with 20 people I didn’t know, the guest of a member this … Continue reading

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Why I love New York

Music and humor on the way to work – talk about a different kind of commute. People in Grand Central Station dressed in swimsuits, shorts, and work clothes, guerrilla marketing for The Ebony Hillbillies playing bluegrass outside the Shuttle … Continue reading

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You, only better

There are certain things that you’re best at. The moments when you thrive, when you shine, when others say, “Wow, that was just amazing.”  The moments that make you feel energized and clear and focused.   The moments that pass quickly. … Continue reading

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Classical or jazz?

Is storytelling more like classical music or jazz?  Is there a grouping of notes and turns of phrase that you hone and deliver, or just a rough outline and a sense of where you’re going, with lots of improvisation along … Continue reading

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I’ve noticed that every time the next big, important thing comes up, I always, always have time for it.  A big project, an exciting opportunity…I’m there – and I’m sure you are too. But wait a minute.  Where did that … Continue reading

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