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Is fundraising the same thing as sales?

For anyone who is interested in nonprofits, how they mobilize resources, how to do world-class fundraising, I have good news:  Jennifer McCrea, who has done as much as anyone to revitalize and reposition philanthropic fundraising, just started blogging.  Jennifer has … Continue reading

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If free is the new black

If free is the new black, because there’s no friction left in the system. If our major sources of information are going to radically upend their business models because they’re competing under a completely new set of rules. If the … Continue reading

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The toughest sale

Here’s a riddle: all good product sales are not about the product, they’re about the story about the product, right?   (Method soap tells a story about the kind of hip, environmentally conscious, non-ostentatious but still a little bit fancy consumer … Continue reading

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The 100th fundraiser

How do you decide how many fundraisers you need at your nonprofit?  Do you need 5 or 6 or 15?  What about 100? We know how much a fundraiser costs – say $100,000 including overhead and management time and whatever … Continue reading

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How can I help?

I’ve found myself asking people this question more often lately. “How can I help?” acknowledges that every interaction (a sales call, an introductory lunch, a brainstorm, a request for an informational interview) involves (at least) two people who could create … Continue reading

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Blue Hill – if restaurants were nonprofits

The other night I got to eat dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, easily one of the best restaurants around.  Chef Dan Barber has radically shortened the time and distance food takes to get from the farm to the … Continue reading

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What the Vook?

In case you missed it, Vook has a new iPhone app that creates a fully immersed, multimedia experience for books.   It’s really for the iPad but you can already start playing around and glimpse the future: text and audio and … Continue reading

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Which chorus?

You’re probably hearing one of two choruses right now: “Slow down!  You’re not being practical.  That’s not possible.  I don’t get it and don’t see how we’ll get there.  You need to make things smaller, more clear, more well-defined, more … Continue reading

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Who works for you?

Revolutionary question of the day – which I was asked, and am passing on: do I work for my boss, or does she work for me? And, as a corollary, does my team work for me or do I work … Continue reading

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Out of time

I just went to the hospital to visit some close friends whose baby will likely be born by the time this blog is posted.  It is five days before the due date, and when I asked how things were going … Continue reading

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