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Visual aids and crutches

Two of the best, most natural presentations I’ve given have been in the last two weeks – one of them I was coming off of 24 hours of travel and 3 weeks in India with a presentation (slides) but absolutely … Continue reading

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The power to mobilize resources

Remember that old, broken conventional wisdom about how fundraising works in the nonprofit sector– a few folks that sit in the corner while the rest of the people do the important program work over here? Just the other day I … Continue reading

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Willing and able

I had a professor once, a big fan of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, who was emphatic about the limits of didactic learning. “Try to learn how to farm from a book,” he’d say, “and you’ll discover when … Continue reading

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For you, for me

For some folks, the fact that I blog is a semi-mysterious black box of cool, kind of like talking with a great English accent (if I had one). It is something people kinda sorta want to do before they talk … Continue reading

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No shortcuts

I vividly remember an end-of-year b-school class – my leadership professor asked the class where they’d like to be in 25 years.  Answers varied, but most sounded pretty lofty until one guy said what I suspect others were thinking: “This … Continue reading

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A dollar fell out of my pocket today

A dollar fell out of my pocket today while I was riding the subway. A passenger tapped me and pointed to the folded bill on the ground. Meanwhile a homeless man was asking the car for money. I looked at … Continue reading

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Small changes, big changes

If you’re advocating for a shift, a new initiative that you’re pushing for from below, it helps to know what signs to look for (or not look for) as you gauge your progress. In the beginning, any kind of new … Continue reading

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It’s so, so easy to look all around for advice – to ask people who have done this before, who have more experience, who appear more qualified. And you should get this advice. You should research.  You should dive deep … Continue reading

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Dispatch from Padrauna, India (Part 3)

[here are the links to Part 1 and Part 2] My last night in Hyderabad, 100 people gathered at the Acumen Fund offices for an informal community event at which I and my colleague, Karthik Chadrasekar, spoke.  It’s always exciting … Continue reading

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The other end of the line

[NOTE: more installments from my trip to Padrauna, India, coming soon.  If you missed it, check out Part 1 and Part 2 here] I work at a global organization – my office is in New York and we have offices … Continue reading

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