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Love story

I’m a big fan of StoryCorps, and I found this love story very moving (thanks Katya). Really, what more to life is there than love? Enjoy.

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The weathermen are always wrong

They’re not, actually.*  For most days when no one is paying attention they’re usually right. The thing is, we only pay attention when the stakes are high (“BIG STORM COMING!!” or when we’re planning for a vacation) and then when … Continue reading

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Sign everything you send out

I was trading emails with a nonprofit CEO when the question of newsletters came up.  Specifically, who should his organization’s quarterly newsletter come from / be signed by since it’s not written by him? We’re all busy, there’s a lot … Continue reading

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The future of impact investing

I’ve now spent four years in the impact investing space, and nearly three years as a blogger on philanthropy, generosity and social change.  The landscape looks radically different than it did just a few years ago. On the upside, JP … Continue reading

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Which conversation – addendum

I’ve heard from a few readers that yesterday’s post – Which Conversation – was a little opaque.  So here’s take 2: There are two models of how you build yourself up professionally, how you grow your visibility and responsibility. The … Continue reading

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Make Europe yours

I’m looking for a stellar self-starter who makes things happen to join my team. Success means that a year from now, Acumen Fund will have a higher profile, deeper relationships, a stronger and more engaged community, and significantly more funds … Continue reading

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Which conversation

I bet you had a great year last year.  You hit your goals and then some.  You checked all the boxes and now you’re thinking about the coming year and ways you’d like to grow as a professional. Which conversation … Continue reading

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Wild rice, onions and Brussel sprouts

Lots of reactions to yesterday’s post on The China Study. Some people sent along skeptical and detailed posts about the conclusions in the China Study – which I read along with some thoughtful rebuttals – and some asked if I … Continue reading

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This food is killing us

I’ve found that it takes TWO (not one) friends breathlessly recommending a book to get me to read it. So six months ago, when a friend spent the better part of a week extolling The China Study (and telling me … Continue reading

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Whom do we honor?

Recently I found myself in the elevator at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, the doors closing on the name of yet another mega-Wall Street donor whose name was etched in marble, no doubt honoring a mega gift that built that wing of … Continue reading

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