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Norms, tipping, generosity and scarcity

Buy a sandwich from the deli, or a hot dog from the guy on the street, and the rules of the game are clear.  You’re told a price, you pay cash, done. Reroll the tape, but this time you pay … Continue reading

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20 questions every fundraiser must be able to answer

(subtitle: this is why I can’t for the life of me understand how “fundraiser” became synonymous with “not totally integrated with the core work of the organization”) What are your top three priorities right now? Where will the organization be … Continue reading

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More or less, but not the same

There’s lots of stuff out there about how to make really great powerpoint (and about terrible PowerPoint).  What I’ve observed is that people read these great suggestions and think “I could never do that” (which isn’t true) and use that … Continue reading

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Today: T-shirt, Causes, and Volunteer needed

We’re just three weeks away from Generosity Day, and we have a lot of fun things in the works!  You’ve probably already seen the great Generosity Day t-shirts by our friends at Selfless Tee, so we wanted to remind you … Continue reading

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How do you find a great Head of Development?

I’ve been asked this question a lot, and was asked it again the other day by the CEO of a growing, successful nonprofit, so here are some thoughts. First, let’s clarify who’s asking the question and what this means about … Continue reading

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How did you raise all that money?

“I hustled.” “Yeah, but what else?” She already answered your question.

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Six types of blogging days

“This is such a great idea!  People will love this!  I’m a wonderful blogger!  It’s so easy!” “What the #*$%# is wrong with my  #%*$%$ computer!!”  “I’m not used to writing here/at this time of day.” “Gosh I thought this … Continue reading

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What your Board members are thinking

Here’s what people do in groups: they look around to figure out the normal way to behave. Your Board members do it too.  They are looking around the Board room to figure out what’s normal – especially around giving and … Continue reading

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Wearin’ generosity on your sleeve

So here’s a cool idea – there’s a Generosity Day t-shirt, and you can get yours today. The shirt is lively and fun and a conversation-starter. I like the idea of the shirt being an instant Generosity Suit that gives … Continue reading

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The right time

There is a right time to have that direct, elephant-in-the-room conversation with a respected colleague.  The one where you say out loud what both you and she have been thinking. That time is now.  Right now.  Today. Conversations swirl around … Continue reading

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