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What’s sacred about you?

Here’s the one thing I can’t stop thinking about after writing yesterday’s post: what’s sacred about me? Meaning, Jonathan Haidt’s research tells us that to understand people and how they make decisions, you have to understand what they hold sacred.  … Continue reading

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Sacredness and motivated ignorance

I recently had the chance to hear Jonathan Haidt, author of the new best-selling book (#6 on the NYTimes Bestseller list) The Righteous Mind, speak about his work.  Jonathan is the author of The Happiness Hypothesis, he gave a great … Continue reading

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What do you do in the face of a “no”?

A “no” can mean a lot of things. It can mean that you’re wrong or that you’re right. It can mean you’re way off course or completely on track. It can mean that you’re threatening or that you’re misguided. It … Continue reading

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TED and introverts part 2: Structures or Incentives

Commenting on my post last week about TED and how introverts can work the room, Joey Katona asked what incentives TED creates to get people to socialize and network. The answer is: none. What they create are structures that facilitate … Continue reading

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The impact-to-scale ratio

Every so often, I cannot help but comment from afar on corporate social responsibility (CSR).  I worked in this area for IBM and GE before coming to Acumen, and I greatly appreciate what it takes to get big companies to … Continue reading

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The demise of social currency

In the late 90s, when moving back from Madrid to the U.S., my wife and I took time in the weeks prior to our departure to say goodbye to our friends at the pastry shop, the butcher, the cheese vendor … Continue reading

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What I wish

I wish the world could look at images of beauty and resilience and feel compelled to act. I wish people would see photographs by Nuru photographers, photos that capture the spirit and challenges of the life of the poor in … Continue reading

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Take a cue from the gym

I used to have a 45 minute (or longer) drive to work, and NPR saved my life.  90 minutes of intelligent programming a day made the drive almost bearable. So it was with some nostalgia that I listened last week … Continue reading

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The risk of being a bull

Time is the scarcest of all professional resources, yet we never seem to get enough of it.  A recent conversation with a friend and advisor helped me understand that one of my greatest professional strengths and joys might be exacerbating … Continue reading

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How Many Ways Can We Be Generous in a Single Day?

Note: this post first appeared on the Huffington Post.  A lot of you know the background, but many have asked how this year’s Generosity Day compared to 2011, so I wanted to share that.  Thank you for making it happen! … Continue reading

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