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Don’t ask for career advice

Most of the time, most of the people you ask for career advice don’t know you well enough to usefully tell you what to do. Most of the time, they will instead tell you what they did at that time … Continue reading

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The main course

I stopped eating meat almost four years ago, primarily for health reasons after reading The China Study, and cut out most dairy too. I do eat a bit of fish, for the vitamin B12 (and because it keeps me sane), … Continue reading

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No Soup for You

I was having a light-hearted disagreement with a colleague about the loyalty card programs of the lunch places across the street from Acumen – the cards where you get 10 punches / stamps and get a free lunch. Some of … Continue reading

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Most of your meetings will be better if you…

Have a purpose. State a purpose. Execute on that purpose.   This means you know what success looks like for you, and you actually say it out loud to the person you’re meeting with. For example: “I want to make … Continue reading

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15 ways you can reach me

Today a friend apologized to me for not seeing a Skype text I’d sent him last week (no problem). This got me thinking about the incoming communication tools that I have, all the ways people can reach me. Work email … Continue reading

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What I Talk About When I Talk About Blogging

I’ve had a lot of conversations in the past few months that start with people saying, “I really have been meaning to write or blog, but I just haven’t done it. Any advice on how to start and stick with … Continue reading

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Beauty and grit – from Lahore with love

Waqas Ali keeps telling me that he sleeps.  I’m not sure I believe him. The last time I saw him was in late June in a coffee shop in Lahore.  We sat down at midnight, and it was clear that … Continue reading

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