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Extremist for Love

Monday was Martin Luther King Day in the United States, an opportunity to celebrate the life and leadership of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.  One of the many great pieces he wrote was the Letter from a Birmingham Jail.  … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution

When I take time off in December and don’t travel I inevitably find my way back to the piano.  I played classical piano very seriously for about 20 years, so it’s part of me and part of who I am, … Continue reading

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7 words to increase your productivity

“What would help me the most is…” Whether to a peer, a boss, a Board member, someone you are fundraising from or a friend, the act of clearly and specifically asking for help is transformative. Of course it is easier … Continue reading

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Where the Magic Happens

I’m a big believer in people’s capacity to change. In fact, I think that one of the most powerful levers we have in life is recognizing that we can change.  This can be around mental plasticity – realizing our ability … Continue reading

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You’re repeating yourself

Why yes, that’s on purpose. Did you know that children often need to be exposed to new foods 10-15 times before they’re happy to eat them? Same thing with ideas and action, it turns out.

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It used to be

It used to be that you could go to a meeting, or a job interview, without having really prepared in advance: without looking up the details of who someone is, what they’ve done, and where they’ve worked; without checking out … Continue reading

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The identity monologue

I had the misfortune of being floored by a minor, but extremely unpleasant, illness for about 10 days earlier this month. Nothing like an abrupt change in circumstance to give a bit of perspective. What I noticed, especially because the … Continue reading

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Starting something

“OK get ready New York!!!” shouts an older African American gentleman on the uptown 1 subway in New York City.  He’s dressed in perfectly-pressed ivory linen pants and a neat white collared shirt. And then he bursts into song, belting … Continue reading

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Leverage or control

Ever funder, rightly, loves “leverage,” as in “each dollar I put in brought in another four dollars of additional funding.” What’s not to love? Except of course that getting leverage means you’re giving up control.  There are more folks around … Continue reading

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What it takes to build dreams

I keep on bumping into the same parallel conversations around the future of the impact investing sector. With those in the trenches, what I hear continuously is that it is a long, hard slog.  That companies take a long time … Continue reading

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