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Every time you send an email you’re asking someone to make a decision. Open this now or later. Prioritize it or put in the “I’ll get to it later” pile.  (And later never comes.) When you write your spouse, your … Continue reading

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Personal, with an element of surprise

As I sat down at my desk at work to start the new year, I found two envelopes on my chair. The first one was a big envelope, 11 x 14.  I opened it up to find a report with … Continue reading

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To Whom Am I Speaking

If I’m stuck when developing a talk or a presentation, it helps me tremendously to remind myself of two fundamental questions: To whom am I speaking? What do I want them to walk away with from this talk? Now, in … Continue reading

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So, you looking?

Not long ago I bumped into a headhunter at a cocktail party, a woman I hadn’t seen in nearly a decade.  Her second sentence (second!), after, “How are you?” was, “So, are you looking for a job?” Wow. The easy … Continue reading

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Better than nothing?

After not being let into Yankee Stadium with a bike helmet three weeks ago, and having to abandon my bike helmet outside of the stadium (it was stolen), I wrote to Mayor Bloomberg’s office extolling the virtues of Citibike and … Continue reading

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Don’t take it personally

Jonathan Lewis’ recent blog post and accompanying video on fundraising hits the nail on the head: “The best fundraisers don’t fundraise.  Instead, they teach people to take realistic – and unrealistic!  – risks in the service of a better world. … Continue reading

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Everyone a fundraiser

A colleague of mine – someone who has never been a formal part of Acumen’s fundraising team but who has done a good deal of fundraising  – said that a series of recent meetings with new donors reminded her of … Continue reading

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How generosity touched you

Not long ago, a group of senior executives asked me to speak to them about generosity.  So I started the conversation by asking each of them to share what generosity meant to them. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised, but … Continue reading

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No Ask?

The fundraiser typically sweats about when the perfect moment is to make “the ask.”  It’s a Goldilocks mentality: not too soon, not too late. Broadly speaking that is right.  But not if it means there’s no a sense of purpose. … Continue reading

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Saving lunchtime

The other day I got lunch at Bowery Eats, a cooking supply store in Chelsea Market that also happens to have a sandwich bar.  My timing was terrible and when I got there at 1:20pm, there was a long line … Continue reading

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