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Individual and Institutional Fundraising

Over the past six months, a greater proportion of the fundraising I’ve been doing has been institutional rather than individual. By “institutional” I mean fundraising from people who have been charged with donating somebody else’s money – whether or not … Continue reading

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Word Economy

Most emails are too long. And most emails, long or short, are either emotional deserts or they transmit the wrong emotional content. Short is the only solution to email overload, and radical email shorthand is employed by nearly all the … Continue reading

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I love New York

Why do I like Citibike so much (when it works)? True, it helps me cut my long commute (a bit), and it’s a rare innovation in transportation in a country that, thanks to our love affair with cars, radically underinvests … Continue reading

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Why we read you

We read you because you are you. Because you sound like you, talk like you. You are identifiable, clear, and you have a point of view. Whether that is polished or rough, grammatical or not…whether you use ellipses and start … Continue reading

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Every time you send an email you’re asking someone to make a decision. Open this now or later. Prioritize it or put in the “I’ll get to it later” pile.  (And later never comes.) When you write your spouse, your … Continue reading

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Personal, with an element of surprise

As I sat down at my desk at work to start the new year, I found two envelopes on my chair. The first one was a big envelope, 11 x 14.  I opened it up to find a report with … Continue reading

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To Whom Am I Speaking

If I’m stuck when developing a talk or a presentation, it helps me tremendously to remind myself of two fundamental questions: To whom am I speaking? What do I want them to walk away with from this talk? Now, in … Continue reading

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