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Maybe the dragon isn’t the problem

I just walked past a smiling blind woman – blond, straight hair, in her 30s and dressed for spring – walking down a crowded 5th Avenue street in rush hour. She and her golden lab guide dog were perfectly synchronized, … Continue reading

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Courage quotient

What is your courage quotient? What will it take to have you go towards: …a feeling of discomfort? …a place that is just outside where you normally sit? ….an action that you’ve talked about with a few people but have … Continue reading

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Going towards truth

Takes guts, involves risk, can feel like walking through the fire. Turning away, though, doesn’t mean that the truth you’re ignoring doesn’t exist.  It just means that you’re choosing not to see it and stand before it. Bear witness, find … Continue reading

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Just you

A number of years ago I bumped into an old family friend, a senior partner at a law firm, on the 7:30am Delta Shuttle from New York to DC.  For me, catching that flight was always a discombobulated mad morning … Continue reading

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Out loud

What if you committed, for a little while, to verbalize the great ideas that pop into your head?  The important, risky (-seeming) ideas that represent what’s really on your mind.  The ones that you don’t say because they’re a bit … Continue reading

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Your ‘ask’ is not ‘by the way’

It’s so easy to be terrified by “the ask” that you want to make – whether that’s for advice or a job or to create a partnership or for funding.  It’s as if there’s this sense of shame and embarrassment … Continue reading

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Some talk is cheap

The meeting you cancel because the topic has been covered, because the work is done, is a gift to everyone. The meeting you never have because the conversation is too real or seems too hard – that is the real … Continue reading

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The wrong public speaking mistakes

Public speaking is neck-and-neck with fundraising on the list of things people consistently fear. To avoid that fear we often choose to read to people rather than speak to them.  That is, we write down and recite prepared remarks.  If … Continue reading

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Two traps

Each day, each post, I walk a narrow path. I avoid thinking too much about all the people out there who are going to read each post I write – people I like and respect and whose time I know … Continue reading

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Gifts – The Icarus Deception

The other day I received a massive, 40 pound box full of goodies from Seth Godin. I was one of the 4,242 people who happily jumped in to support Seth’s Kickstarter project to fund his next book, The Icarus Deception. … Continue reading

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