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Personal, with an element of surprise

As I sat down at my desk at work to start the new year, I found two envelopes on my chair. The first one was a big envelope, 11 x 14.  I opened it up to find a report with … Continue reading

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The perfect toy

Last week we got my son what he called “maybe the best present ever.”  It’s a Structures 200 Plank Set. Before buying it my wife and I kept on reading over the description to see if we were missing anything.  … Continue reading

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So, you looking?

Not long ago I bumped into a headhunter at a cocktail party, a woman I hadn’t seen in nearly a decade.  Her second sentence (second!), after, “How are you?” was, “So, are you looking for a job?” Wow. The easy … Continue reading

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Don’t take it personally

Jonathan Lewis’ recent blog post and accompanying video on fundraising hits the nail on the head: “The best fundraisers don’t fundraise.  Instead, they teach people to take realistic – and unrealistic!  – risks in the service of a better world. … Continue reading

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Everyone a fundraiser

A colleague of mine – someone who has never been a formal part of Acumen’s fundraising team but who has done a good deal of fundraising  – said that a series of recent meetings with new donors reminded her of … Continue reading

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Neglected, then out the door

I was a DIRECTV subscriber for about six years, until I wasn’t.  Meaning, over time the ~$65/month (once it was all said and done) started to sting more and more, and while I was generally happy with the service, the … Continue reading

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The Overhead Myth

The founders of the three largest charity watchdogs in the US have penned a letter and started a campaign to debunk the overhead myth.  Between Dan Pallotta’s outstanding TED talk this year – with nearly 2 million views and counting … Continue reading

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