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What if he’s conning me?

“What if this story this guy is telling me isn’t true? What if he, 70 years old, scraggly hair, sitting in a wheelchair, knee brace on his left leg, with a couple of bags and a book on his lap, … Continue reading

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How generosity touched you

Not long ago, a group of senior executives asked me to speak to them about generosity.  So I started the conversation by asking each of them to share what generosity meant to them. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised, but … Continue reading

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I am generous when…

My daughter made this poster for a project in her Kindergarten class.  The assignment was to finish the sentence: “I am generous when…” In case it’s hard to read: “I am generous when I have a lot of books and … Continue reading

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Generosity Day – is it about the money?

Our stories hold truths for us. One of my truths is that my journey into generosity began with an encounter with a person on the NYC subway asking for money (FOR homeless people, he was not himself homeless as far … Continue reading

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Living up to the gift

It’s December, which means that nonprofit end-of-year fundraising is in full swing.  It’s an exciting time of year as checks roll in at a much faster clip – the fruits of your labor, and payoff for a year’s worth of … Continue reading

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I was having a tough day.  Lots of work requiring real emotional energy.  I was feeling drained. On my way home a guy is jamming on the jazz piano.  Just jamming. I keep on walking. Then I stop. I turn … Continue reading

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Goldilocks giving

When it finally comes time to ask someone to make a philanthropic donation, how much should you as for – a little, too much, or just right? “Too little” is never right.  If anything, “too little” is a polite way … Continue reading

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The thing about being generous

Is that most of the time the generosity comes right back at you, except when it doesn’t. You can lean into that rejection too. That tiny sense that someone just took advantage of you? It’s a reminder that this isn’t … Continue reading

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Each and every dollar

If you work at a nonprofit, as I do, you might pause and consider: each and every dollar for your organization comes from a gift. Obvious at some level, but if you stop to think about this for a second … Continue reading

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Generosity excerpt

A friend sent this in as a non-sequitur in another conversation we were having. The other day I was coming out of a coffee shop and decided to give a homeless man a $10 bill…what can you get for $1 … Continue reading

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