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Another Hero I’ve Never Met

I recently had a powerful conversation with a friend about humility and arrogance.  We talked about the danger and allure of arrogance, how blinding it is and how much it keeps us from seeing each other’s humanity. “Sometimes,” my friend … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a thank you note

We are all emailing and messaging each other a zillion times a day, yet people seem to be writing fewer thank you notes than ever.  In a professional setting, there’s no good reason not to write a short, substantive email* … Continue reading

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One moment

There’s a chance, in each passing interaction with someone, to say “thank you.” Not a “thank you for this thing you’ve just done” (gotten me a coffee, given me my ticket to board this flight) said automatically.  Rather, a chance … Continue reading

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Generosity Day – and now, the fun part

Earlier this year I found myself wondering: what should I do for Generosity Day this year?  Meaning “I” or “me.” In many ways, I asked the wrong question.  Of course I have an important role to play, but what I’ve … Continue reading

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Living up to the gift

It’s December, which means that nonprofit end-of-year fundraising is in full swing.  It’s an exciting time of year as checks roll in at a much faster clip – the fruits of your labor, and payoff for a year’s worth of … Continue reading

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As I sprinted into the subway car, I noticed a woman on the platform stop, reach down, and pick a smartphone up from the ground.  She started waving it, saying loudly, “Someone dropped this phone!” Just as the subway doors … Continue reading

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I got power back in my home yesterday.  We lost power 10 days ago due to hurricane Sandy.  Ten days. There was a practical element to my not blogging during this time – not just no wifi access in the … Continue reading

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What I didn’t need to worry about

Last Saturday morning I had the chance to give the opening keynote address at Unite for Sight’s Global Health and Innovation Conference at Yale University.  The energy in this conference is just amazing, and my hat goes off to Jennifer … Continue reading

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Joy is

Watching an idea grow, seeing someone else take it places you didn’t know it could go. I’ve already shared the wonderful Jubilee Project video for Generosity Day, which magically captured how Generosity Day is fundamentally about reconnecting to love and … Continue reading

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What you create with a generous act

John Tierney wrote a smart piece in the Sunday New York Times about the salubrious effects of gratitude. He write, “Cultivating an ‘attitude of gratitude’ has been linked to better health, sounder sleep, less anxiety and depression, higher long-term satisfaction … Continue reading

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