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The Garlic Mashed Potatoes

For a period of about five years, whenever we’d go out to a restaurant either my wife or I would order the dish with the garlic mashed potatoes. They were so yummy and creamy and decadent, with heaps more butter … Continue reading

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Gifts – The Icarus Deception

The other day I received a massive, 40 pound box full of goodies from Seth Godin. I was one of the 4,242 people who happily jumped in to support Seth’s Kickstarter project to fund his next book, The Icarus Deception. … Continue reading

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Lifetime guarantee

18 months ago I got a fancy work bag as a gift.  Within a year, the little ring holding the strap to the bag broke; a few months later the second one broke. I finally made my way to their … Continue reading

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I was having a tough day.  Lots of work requiring real emotional energy.  I was feeling drained. On my way home a guy is jamming on the jazz piano.  Just jamming. I keep on walking. Then I stop. I turn … Continue reading

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One great moment in a 24 hour delay

I’d love to chalk it up to bad luck – I continually have things go wildly wrong most of the times that I fly Delta. Here’s what happened this time: for an 8:30pm flight to Accra, Ghana, we dutifully boarded … Continue reading

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The DO Lectures and Tim Smit’s nine principles of management

I had a great few days last week in cold, rainy west Wales, speaking at the DO Lectures about Acumen Fund, generosity, and how we need to reinvent fundraising (talk to be posted soon). The DO Lectures are described by … Continue reading

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What I wish

I wish the world could look at images of beauty and resilience and feel compelled to act. I wish people would see photographs by Nuru photographers, photos that capture the spirit and challenges of the life of the poor in … Continue reading

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Joy is

Watching an idea grow, seeing someone else take it places you didn’t know it could go. I’ve already shared the wonderful Jubilee Project video for Generosity Day, which magically captured how Generosity Day is fundamentally about reconnecting to love and … Continue reading

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One trait to rule them all

If you had one non-negotiable trait that you’d want everyone representing your organization to hold, share and transmit, what would it be? Of course you’ve got bright, engaged people.  They are confident and interesting, energetic and well-versed in what you … Continue reading

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Fundraising with Generosity

Katya Andresen, who writes the awesome Nonprofit Marketing Blog and is also one of my co-conspirators for Generosity Day, made a great point on last week’s generosity economy post: I have been thinking a lot lately about the latest research … Continue reading

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