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The hard parts

The parts that are uncomfortable The bits that no one else really wants to do The things that make you feel exposed And stretched And outside of your comfort zone The things that make it clear that what you thought … Continue reading

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Why isn’t this working?

…asks the helpful critic. Why has this project lost its mojo? Why aren’t we wowing our customers? Why do we keep missing our deadlines? Why hasn’t the tough decision been taken? Why aren’t we getting to the heart of the … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago I was speaking to a friend and advisor and he asked me, “what’s your definition of leadership?” I thought about it, and then thought about it a little more, and a little more… until I realized … Continue reading

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The end of the line

One day in the not-so-distant future, you’ll get there.  The end of the line.  The top of your organization.  The top of your field.  Nowhere else to go, because you’ll have arrived. Most likely, that day won’t be within striking … Continue reading

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A wasted day

Think about it: on a day when you swing for the fences, you might swing and miss. A miss means a complete miss, a whiff, an air-ball, and all the associated jeering (we think) from the peanut gallery.  Wouldn’t it … Continue reading

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Barbara Grant – Management Practices for the Social Sector

I admit it, going into an all-day training called “Management Practices for the Social Sector” I was feeling, uh, skeptical.  I’d heard great things from colleagues who’d done the training, but I was suspicious. Man was I wrong. Barbara Grant … Continue reading

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And suddenly it’s up to you

I distinctly remember the first time I had this feeling in a professional setting.  I was three years out of college, three years into my stint in management consulting, working for a client who wanted us to do a bunch … Continue reading

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FDR and persistent experimentation

Acumen’s CEO Jacqueline Novogratz shared this with our team last week.  It’s from FDR’s 1932 Commencement Address at Oglethorpe University. Especially today, our task is to remake the world which we find before us.  We have no other option. Amazing … Continue reading

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Full and hopeful conviction

One of the great nuggets – that I’d otherwise have lost had it not been for the visual notes I took – from the Adaptive Leadership piece in HBR that I talked about yesterday is about how to run experiments … Continue reading

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How do I learn?

Back in May I realized that Peter Drucker’s Managing Oneself was a cornerstone piece of writing that I need to reread annually.  Its simplicity of language belies a depth of clarity and analysis about what it takes to understand oneself … Continue reading

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