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What they say, what they mean

“I’m not saying that…” = “I AM saying that…” “By the way…” = “The most important thing to me is…” “I’ll be brief…” = “You’d better make yourself comfortable.” “Oh, one last thing…” = “Listen up.” “I’d like this presentation … Continue reading

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No irrational action

I used to dismiss what looked like irrational action.  I’d watch people’s behaviors and, when things didn’t make sense to me, I’d let it go. “Sometimes people do things that just don’t make sense” was a safe refrain.  Maybe they … Continue reading

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The main reason, also, by the way

I used to think listening to people had to be pretty easy since, I figured, it was their job to say what they meant. That feels like one of the biggest misconceptions I carried around (for way too long) – … Continue reading

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Your (brand) essence is not an inert element

For many years, as is typical in more junior roles in most big companies, I spent most of my time inside the organization.  Working hard, doing client or customer work, but really on the inside.  From there I had a … Continue reading

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No hobbies

People dabble in everything.  Restaurants and bed n’ breakfasts are popular semi-serious pursuits – romantic ideas right up until the moment when you’re mopping the floors or scrubbing pots with ammonia at 2am.  Then, they’re just hard work. Of course … Continue reading

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How are you doing? How are you doing? How are you doing?

Last week I went to my 20-year high school reunion – which was neither as dreadful nor as exciting as the hype would lead one to believe. Over the course of a few hours, a group of people (most of … Continue reading

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Fundraising tip

Silence is your friend. When you’ve shared the great work that you’re doing, when the person across the table from you is clearly excited and ready to jump in with both feet, and when you’ve asked them to make a … Continue reading

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Tacky plastic

Some thoughts for the upcoming holiday season. A few years ago my wife and I bought my son a beautiful, wooden, ecologically friendly, made-in-Thailand-from-recycled-materials airport set. Guess who they’re selling that product to?  Me. Guess who never played with it?  … Continue reading

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Do you understand the words…

Listening is probably the most important and least developed skill for creating strong relationships and connecting with people. I’m reminded of the great moment in the movie Rush Hour, in which Chris Tucker’s character shouts at Jackie Chan, “Do you … Continue reading

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What was I thinking?

At my college reunion (!!) this past weekend, a classmate I’d not seen in years made two seemingly-unrelated comments that I thought might in fact be closely connected. Comment 1: “I don’t like these events because I’m just terrible at … Continue reading

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