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Individual and Institutional Fundraising

Over the past six months, a greater proportion of the fundraising I’ve been doing has been institutional rather than individual. By “institutional” I mean fundraising from people who have been charged with donating somebody else’s money – whether or not … Continue reading

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The perfect toy

Last week we got my son what he called “maybe the best present ever.”  It’s a Structures 200 Plank Set. Before buying it my wife and I kept on reading over the description to see if we were missing anything.  … Continue reading

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Neglected, then out the door

I was a DIRECTV subscriber for about six years, until I wasn’t.  Meaning, over time the ~$65/month (once it was all said and done) started to sting more and more, and while I was generally happy with the service, the … Continue reading

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Bob Dorf – Two customers

Recently I, together with Acumen’s Global Fellows, had the chance to spend the day in a training session with Bob Dorf. Bob, together with Steve Blank (who writes a must-read blog), is the author of The Startup Owner’s Manual: a … Continue reading

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More not less

Recently I had the chance to attend a roundtable discussion on how to scale innovations in global development. One of the participants, a successful serial entrepreneur, related an important and telling story about why it’s hard to seed innovation in … Continue reading

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A student at a nonprofit school of management told me that they are learning a lot about how to operate under conditions of scarcity – because that’s what the nonprofit sector is like. The catch is that if you start … Continue reading

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20 questions every fundraiser must be able to answer

(subtitle: this is why I can’t for the life of me understand how “fundraiser” became synonymous with “not totally integrated with the core work of the organization”) What are your top three priorities right now? Where will the organization be … Continue reading

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