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Deep and abiding respect for…

…the philanthropists who, along with you, make it all possible. The philanthropists who dare to dream of a different, better world. The philanthropist who decides, when she doesn’t have to, to do something, not just to talk about it. The … Continue reading

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Generosity Day – is it about the money?

Our stories hold truths for us. One of my truths is that my journey into generosity began with an encounter with a person on the NYC subway asking for money (FOR homeless people, he was not himself homeless as far … Continue reading

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The impact-to-scale ratio

Every so often, I cannot help but comment from afar on corporate social responsibility (CSR).  I worked in this area for IBM and GE before coming to Acumen, and I greatly appreciate what it takes to get big companies to … Continue reading

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Each and every dollar

If you work at a nonprofit, as I do, you might pause and consider: each and every dollar for your organization comes from a gift. Obvious at some level, but if you stop to think about this for a second … Continue reading

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Too big

Of all the reasons cited to give or not to give a philanthropic donation, “you’re too big” is the one that I have the hardest time digesting. First, a clarification.  In my experience, most people who say that they want … Continue reading

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Gifto reducto ad infinitum

A donor with $50,000 to give faces a surprising conundrum: she knows, intellectually (and perhaps in her gut) that $50,000  is itself not enough to make lasting, large-scale change.  However, we can all agree that $50,000 is an awful lot … Continue reading

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If investing = sexy…

If investing = sexy, and if sexy = better = innovative = how we’re going to solve all the world’s problems…well then, Houston, we have a problem. There’s huge momentum around using investing capital to solve social problems.  The question … Continue reading

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Dear nonprofit

[Here's the link to yesterday's letter: Dear (potential) donor] Dear nonprofit, Speak up for yourself!  Don’t play the supplicant, tin cup in hand, hoping that some change will fall from that purse (or that pocket).  Your time is precious and … Continue reading

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Dear (potential) donor

Dear (potential) donor, Please, please, be careful and clear with your intentions, with your time, and with our time.  I know you don’t want any special treatment, and I know you don’t want different rules to apply to you…but they … Continue reading

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Generosity Day

Generosity Day is here!!! We announced it on Friday, and it’s spread like wildfire over the weekend (1,000+ tweets, expecting 30-40 blog posts today at a minimum…for example on FastCompany, ABC News, Katya’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog,  Malaria No More, Beth … Continue reading

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