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Skills for this century

The deadline for applying for Seth Godin’s summer internship is tomorrow, May 31st.  And the last 15 applications will be discarded, so today is effectively the last day to apply.  It’s a two-week internship from July 22nd to August 2nd.  … Continue reading

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Gifts – The Icarus Deception

The other day I received a massive, 40 pound box full of goodies from Seth Godin. I was one of the 4,242 people who happily jumped in to support Seth’s Kickstarter project to fund his next book, The Icarus Deception. … Continue reading

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Generosity partnership

Yesterday I had the pleasure to spend a few hours at one of Seth Godin’s seminars.  If you believe in making a ruckus, if you’d benefit from a day of real conversation (and inspiration, and stories, and plenty of laughs) … Continue reading

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The whole without a map thing is not (just) a metaphor

A couple of weeks ago, I was running a familiar four mile loop and decided I was feeling good enough that I’d extend the run.  Rather than take the final right turn a half mile from the “end” of the … Continue reading

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20 dollars, 61 authors, fight malaria

It couldn’t be simpler: today is End Malaria Day.  A million people a year still die from malaria.  Bednets keep out mosquitoes and save lives.  You can help. So here’s the deal: for $20 (Kindle) or $25 (paperback) you can … Continue reading

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Do Linchpins have Checklists?

Atul Gawande has convinced me that checklists are way more powerful than I’d ever realized.  I picked up The Checklist Manifesto because I love Gawande’s writing and I’m fascinated by ways to improve the practice of medicine.  While I wanted … Continue reading

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NextGen:Charity mini-roundup

Here’s my completely non-exhaustive and non-definitive mini-roundup of  the 2010 NextGen:Charity conference where I had the chance to speak last Thursday (with a heavy bias towards the talks I was able to attend). Some things I’ll keep thinking about long … Continue reading

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No Sympathy for the Devil

Seth Godin’s free e-book to complement Linchpin just came out.  It’s called Insubordinate: Linchpins are Everywhere You Look (vol.1) and it profiles – incredibly simply – linchpins Seth has had “the pleasure (the joy) to know and work with over … Continue reading

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Linchpin: Are you Indispensable?

There is power in asking the right question, and Seth Godin’s new book, “Linchpin” hits you over the head with a question that it’s impossible to run away from: Are you Indispensable? Because, now, for a short period of time, … Continue reading

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What Matters Now

What if you could peek into the brains of 70 of the smartest, most accomplished, groundbreaking authors and bloggers and thinkers around? And what if you could ask them, “What word matters most to you of all?  Can you explain … Continue reading

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