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Stand out

I recently had the chance to review 30 resumes from job applicants from top business schools.  The level of accomplishment in this group is just astounding.  Best grades, best jobs, speak multiple languages, have done things like volunteering in Nepal … Continue reading

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1 to 100

There’s a perpetual mystique about blogging.  How do you do it?  Where do the ideas come from?  How do you find the time?  How do you keep it up?  The notion underlying the question is that sharing one’s thoughts regularly … Continue reading

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A week

It hasn’t been a great winter for running for me.  Between the cold snowy weather, late sunrises and general busyness, I’ve just not gotten out there that often. That didn’t stop me from deciding, this past weekend, to take my … Continue reading

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10 (percent)

I’ve been finding a lot of power lately in 10% shifts in how I spend my time.  It’s an increment big enough to matter – an experiment big enough that you can learn something – but small enough that there’s … Continue reading

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Your idea

At the start it’s just smoke, a wisp. It has no substance or form. You can take it around to people for help shaping it, so you can better understand what it could be. But the thing is, at the … Continue reading

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About you

Take a moment and google yourself.  C’mon, I know you’ve done it before, so go do it again, and then come back. Do you like what you discovered?  Do you like what people who don’t know you see when they … Continue reading

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Commit publicly

Here’s a good way to overcome the resistance and execute on the big ideas that terrify you: tell others about your grandiose plans. You can decide how “public” you want your “public” announcements to be – if you want to … Continue reading

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