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Dan Pallotta at TED

I had the privilege of attending the TED conference last week – a bounty of new ideas, optimistic predictions, and insightful reflections on the world today and the world as it could be tomorrow. The most challenging and exciting talk … Continue reading

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TED and introverts part 2: Structures or Incentives

Commenting on my post last week about TED and how introverts can work the room, Joey Katona asked what incentives TED creates to get people to socialize and network. The answer is: none. What they create are structures that facilitate … Continue reading

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How introverts can work the room

I just got back from the TED conference, which always pushes my thinking and my sense of possibility.  One of the many exceptional things about TED is that it is organized to create ample opportunities for attendees to spend time … Continue reading

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Generosity economy

In the ultimate world-colliding evening, last night I attended the graduation for the Class of 2011 Acumen Fund Fellows.  These 10 Fellows, selected from 700 applicants from more than 60 countries, are a humbling and inspiring assembly of talent, commitment, … Continue reading

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+ Audience

I started blogging three years ago.  This past Saturday, I was humbled (and thrilled!) to discover that my speech at NextGen:Charity was posted on the TED.com homepage – part of their “best of the web” series.  (93,000 views and counting…!) … Continue reading

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Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story

I can’t believe it took me until now to watch Chimamanda Adichie’s profound TED talk about the danger of a single story.  A friend shared it with me the day before I discovered that it’s one of the twenty most-viewed … Continue reading

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Radical openness and what it means for conferences

I had a surreal moment yesterday, while sitting in the audience at The New York Forum with my laptop open.  I had WiFi connectivity, so, out of curiosity, I logged into the live stream of the panel I was attending.  … Continue reading

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Tune in for mindless affirmation

File this ad for New York TV station WPIX under: I’m not even sure I get what they’re saying. “If you’re thinking it, they’re saying it” is the slogan.  Huh?  It seems to mean, “We promise everything you see on … Continue reading

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Sarah Kay at TED

Daniel commented last week: “Sarah Kay’s TED talk is up and amazingly, even with you setting the bar quite high, she totally shattered it for me. Post it up for your readers.” Here it is, and just keep reminding yourself: … Continue reading

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Collective Effervescence and Mass (networked) Synchronicity

Why was Generosity Day such a success? Sure the message was “sticky”, but there’s more going on here.  I’m beginning to understand in a deeper way how people desire to participate in collective opportunities to create something positive, and our … Continue reading

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