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What would Maimonides think of Kiva?

(First blog Milestone reached: a blog post inspired by a reader’s comment. The next milestone will be when the same thing happens and I don’t know the reader personally). A blog reader of mine brought up Kiva in response to … Continue reading

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“Things younger than McCain” t-shirt

This definitely feels like a low blow, and not the kind of discourse we want when choosing our next President. But it’s also so darn funny that I thought it worth sharing: The way this site works is that … Continue reading

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Reflections on Maimonides’ 8 levels of Charity (tzedakah)

Good timing. Just as I’ve started this blog I came across a description of charity (the Hebrew word tzedakah) by the 12th century Jewish scholar and physician Maimonides Maimonides wrote a code of Jewish law, the Mishnah Torah, based on … Continue reading

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Chicken in the Chicken Soup

(for those of you new to the blog, check out my first post here) Yesterday I was on the lookout for some Chicken soup to take home for dinner – to care for some sick family members. I went to … Continue reading

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Blog launch

Six months ago I wouldn’t have considered starting my own blog. Having since written a few blog posts for the Acumen Fund blog (a few of which were cross-posted at and seen a real response, and now that I … Continue reading

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