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Another way to address the crisis on Wall Street

Once the $700 million bailout package is sorted out, the federal government will have to roll up its sleeves and figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.  I suspect that whatever they come up with will not … Continue reading

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When will we start to see buyouts in the nonprofit sector?

There are a number of tools that exist in the for-profit sector that lead to greater efficiencies.  Some are about raising capital – for example, the more successful a for-profit business gets, the easier it gets to raise capital.  The … Continue reading

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Do you just do “more than nothing”?

I recently had the chance to look at the corporate responsibility / poverty alleviation project of a major multinational corporation, and it looked very familiar.  As far as I could tell, they took a set of things they already did, … Continue reading

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Blowup on Wall Street: the graphs

If you want a better sense of how big this blowup is on Wall St. (knowing that it’s probably not over yet), play around with this graphic from the NY Times website.  Just click on the boxes on the left-hand … Continue reading

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The latest in embodied cognition: can getting the cold shoulder actually make you feel cold?

Apparently it can, according to a recent article in the journal Psychological Science, as recently reported in the New York Times.  Dr. Zhong and Geoffrey J. Leonardelli, of the University of Toronto, ran two experiments: In one, they split 65 … Continue reading

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If you could get your donation back, would you?

I always read the Kiva blog with interest.  In it, Matt Flannery, the founder and CEO, gives a candid, blow-by-blow account of Kiva’s growth.  Kiva is an innovative organization that allows donors to lend money directly to clients of microfinance … Continue reading

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A Revenues Strategy?

Before coming over to the non-profit sector I worked at IBM and GE, two of the biggest businesses around.  In Big Business, the people who hold the reins – the center of energy and talent – are people who bring … Continue reading

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