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Chronicle of Philanthropy 400 Google Map

I just came across the Google map mash-up of the Chronicle of Philanthropy top 400.  First, just the simple fact that the Chronicle created this is just great — goes to show the power of a concrete image instead of … Continue reading

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What’s the right career move in the midst of an economic meltdown?

Take a chance. Really, things are bad in the economy anyway.  It’s a hard time to get a job.  Why not take a stab at that wild idea you’re hoping to get to…someday? Not long ago I was invited to … Continue reading

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Johnny Chung Lee’s Wii remote hacks and the power of sharing

Johnny Chung Lee figured out a way to turn a normal computer display into a close approximation of a virtual reality screen.  He also knows how to create an interactive whiteboard – which typically cost more than $1,000 – for … Continue reading

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Acumen Fund benefit Celebration on November 11

Act now!  Acumen Fund is holding its benefit Celebration on November 11th in New York City.  Tony Award winner Sarah Jones will be performing and we will be graced by the voice of Vusi Mahlasela.  It will be a colorful, … Continue reading

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A new world economic order?

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of conversation about whether the current economic meltdown represents the end of capitalism.  I think the short answer is ‘no,’ but I do think an era is over — one in which the total … Continue reading

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The Body Shop: when stories fall short

[EDITOR’S NOTE: I’ve been given a serious factual correction by Michael, the Brazilian fixer who worked for the photgrapher on this shoot.  Please see his comment below.  Bottom line is he’s right and I was wrong in jumping to conclusions. … Continue reading

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A NonProfit CEO Manifesto (blame it on Seth Godin)

Inspired by Seth Godin, and his new book Tribes, I collected my thoughts after nearly two years in my current role at Acumen Fund. I wrote a manifesto.  You can read it here. This one isn’t for everyone, but you … Continue reading

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