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The Mumbai attacks

The tragedy that unfolded over the last few days in Mumbai will require some time to process, but I think it is hard to overstate what a big deal this is.  For those who haven’t been there or who don’t … Continue reading

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Links I liked

1. Chris Blattman on using Obama as an ice-breaker in Liberia 2. Fast Company Magazine covering Pulse, Acumen Fund’s new initiative to improve measurement in the social sector 3. Post on Harumafuji (sumo wrestler) — just because I like to … Continue reading

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Google flu trends

This is just plain cool: go to and you can see predictions of flu activity in your state.  Apparently Google’s data maps closely to CDC data, but tends to be 2 weeks ahead of the CDC. How do they … Continue reading

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Satisfying vs. Delighting

Thanks to a minor flood (that I caused) in my kitchen a few months ago, I had to have my hardwood kitchen floor replaced.  It was a big, expensive job (for which Allstate paid me a few hundred dollars out … Continue reading

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Nike’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts falling short? (or, why I’m so skeptical about CSR)

Here’s what struck me in Fortune’s recent article on Nike titled, “Citizen Nike” that looks into labor conditions in Nike’s supply chain: despite real, serious efforts on Nike’s part, conditions in the factories that manufacture their shoes hasn’t improved significantly … Continue reading

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Kiva’s Kenyan customers on Obama

In case you needed more proof about how small the world has become, here’s a video from a Kiva Fellow who decided to ask some Kiva customers what they thought about Barack Obama. Hat tip to the Kiva chronicles blog … Continue reading

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What stories do you tell yourself?

“I’m bad with computers.” “I’m too busy to exercise.” “I’m no good at math” “I don’t really get…what a 401(k) is, how mortgages work, why people Twitter, what’s going on in Afghanistan, why people blog.” …. Stories do more than describe … Continue reading

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