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Things that work

Here’s post #3 in a connected series of events. First, I wrote a post about trust which, from what I saw and heard (traffic, comments, feedback) was well-received.  Then, connected to that post, I received a totally unexpected gift from … Continue reading

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Delight in the unexpected

I just received a totally unexpected, perfect gift out of the blue from a friend for absolutely no reason.  It’s probably the most surprising gift I ever received.  It showed the person was paying attention and thinking of me; it … Continue reading

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Mystified in the egg aisle

The other day my wife sent me to the supermarket to buy some eggs.  You should try this yourself: go into the supermarket to buy just one semi-generic item (eggs, milk, orange juice) and you too might be paralyzed by … Continue reading

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Glenn Urban at MIT teaches us about the importance of the power of trust.  Glenn observes, as have many others, that we have shifted from a mass-media, high promotion world (that effectively ended at the start of this decade) to … Continue reading

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Twitter search

If you’ve been following everything that is going on in Iran right now, it’s impossible to avoid noticing that Twitter has played a role in providing up-to-date information on the ground from Iranians participating in the protest.  Since most people … Continue reading

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The finish line mirage

A friend shared Paul Hawken’s moving, challenging commencement address and it got me thinking: we are constantly confusing starting lines with finish lines. Getting married is a starting line, not a finish line. Landing your dream job?  Starting line. Getting … Continue reading

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My (almost) 2,000 calorie dinner

A few nights ago, on a family vacation in semi-rural Pennsylvania, I agreed that the time was right for a straightforward, kid-friendly, while-the-sun-was-still-high-in-the-sky dinner at…Olive Garden.  I’m a born-and-bred New Yorker, so I grew up nearly oblivious to chain restaurants … Continue reading

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