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Reason number 45

A few months ago I blogged a list of 44 reasons I blog.  I just stumbled across reason number 45 as I prepare for a speech. My job (your job, anyone’s job who talks to customers or donors or board … Continue reading

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Act now, only 40 tickets left!

Lots of people talk about wanting to help.  Taking the time and the energy to create something of beauty that makes a difference…rare indeed. I’m beside myself in thanks to the amazing volunteers who have put together a benefit photo … Continue reading

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Of diving boards and backflips

I was lucky enough to spend some time on vacation last week near a beautiful lake in France.  Crystalline, cool waters, looming mountains all around, and kids everywhere jumping and diving into the water with abandon. I watched the scene … Continue reading

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…I’ll be a week ahead on blog posts. I meant that day to be today, but it’s not. And I’m going on vacation. This is the kind of thing that should stay behind the curtain for you as a reader. … Continue reading

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Changing practice by practicing change

New Year’s resolutions.  Diets.  Vows to arrive earlier to work.  Promises to keep calm while in traffic jams.  All worthwhile attempts at change that often fail. Why? “Change is hard,” right?  Maybe.  We try changing so rarely, so why should … Continue reading

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Everything I really needed to know about presentations…

…I learned from a band that plays for 5 year olds. I had a wonderful summer evening with my family, listening to the much-acclaimed (by my kids) Jeffrey and the Bossy Frog Band play an outdoor free concert as the … Continue reading

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“We need your help” (caveat emptor)

It’s so flattering to be called in to save the day.  This happened to me once – being hired to “take a team to a new level.” (not my words, the words of the person I went to work for).  … Continue reading

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