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10 ways to save conference panels

It’s really astounding how poor most conference panels are.  The biggest problem is the expectation that if you get four smart, interesting people together on stage to have a conversation, that they’ll automatically have an interesting conversation.  Most of the … Continue reading

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I’m not much of a glass-breaker, usually.  My natural tendency is to build consensus, get buy-in.  And I’ve kind of had it with this approach. I’m not planning to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but I’m realizing that … Continue reading

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Eulogy as reminder

I recently heard a sermon about the importance of looking back at life from the perspective of how we want to be remembered.  It’s so stark to ask, “how would I live my life differently if I cared only about … Continue reading

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Without even asking

One of my first blog posts (and one that still gets a lot of traffic) was about Maimonides’ eight levels of charity, or tzedakah. What interests me about this text is the recognition that people give for different reasons, some … Continue reading

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Here’s a reasonable-sounding process to go through when prepping for a big presentation: Figure out what you want to say Write this up in slides, with some combination of words, charts, and images Refine those slides Rehearse the presentation Present … Continue reading

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The everyone test

Whose side are you on?  When you think about your colleagues, your supervisors, the people who work for you, whom do you want to see succeed? “I want everyone to succeed.” OK good. But is that “everyone, as long as … Continue reading

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The only guy I met

The other day I took about eight boxes of books and clothes to the Salvation Army, part of a (meant to be) biannual, you-ever-going-to-wear-this-again? ritual that I talked about here. I have to admit, there’s so much inertia around getting … Continue reading

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