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Bejeweled moves

Recently, before boarding a transatlantic flight, I caved to the impulse to buy an iPhone app, and $2.99 later I was the proud owner of Bejeweled 2, the only game in the app store that I’d ever heard of. By … Continue reading

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1 in 100

At a dinner recently, guests were asked to go around the table and share what was on their mind.  One guest said, “I often imagine myself on a platform, waiting for a train, with 100 other people.  And I think … Continue reading

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The next day test

I gave a speech the other day that was fine.  I said what I wanted to say, made the points that I wanted to make. But fine, I fear, is forgotten.  Fine isn’t remembered when a person walks out of … Continue reading

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Charter for Compassion

Beautiful fulfillment of Karen Armstrong’s TED wish. You can get more information and sign and share the charter here.

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Original passion

I recently came back from a weeklong trip to Europe and was swapping stories with my wife about the week. She admitted what I already knew, that my five-year-old son has started to really notice my absence when I travel … Continue reading

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Pleasantly Persistent

Someone left me a voicemail the other day in which she said, “I know we keep missing each other, so I thought I’d try again.  And hope that you appreciate my being pleasantly persistent.”  Somehow, the way she said it, … Continue reading

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One month later…the NY Times on Kiva

In case you missed it, the New York Times has picked up the Kiva story.  What I’m struck by is: The story was broken by David Roodman in his original blog post. How quickly the conversation spread online, including response … Continue reading

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