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Whence “fear”?

So what’s with all this talk about fear anyhow? A lot of friends contacted me directly about my last two posts, asking one of two things: 1. Were you writing about me? 2. What are you so afraid of, anyhow? … Continue reading

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The fear reels

Buddhists have a name for the constant chatter in our minds, the reel that keeps playing, pretending to be in the background, talking through our fears – they call it the “monkey mind.” The monkey mind is the stream from … Continue reading

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Fear-less training

What if you decided that the one thing you care most about is being less fearful?  If this mattered more than anything else, what would you do? (I don’t mean fear of real things, like jumping out of planes or … Continue reading

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TED 2010 postscript – conference tips

I’m still getting my feet back on the ground after spending last week at TED2010.  I left the conference with a much broader sense of possibility and a renewed commitment to thinking big.  Many of the talks were dazzling, and … Continue reading

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TED2010 – Wednesday

A long, exciting day that I won’t try to capture in full.  Some quick notes, after hearing loads of great talks. First, and of course, stories, stories, stories, every time.  This is how we process information, this is how we … Continue reading

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Blogging TED

I’m at my first TED conference, just arrived yesterday, and I’m trying to sort out how to blog while here.  I’m not too interested in writing “here’s what just happened” posts for a number of reasons (not least of which … Continue reading

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Questions and answers

A close friend and loyal reader of this blog has asked me a question enough times that I thought I’d share it and take a stab at an answer: “A number of your posts have questions without any answers, and … Continue reading

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