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Every project has a marshmallow

I mentioned Tom Wujec’s TED-U talk in one of my TED conference roundups, so I was excited to see the talk go on the TED site today. From the TED blurb: Tom Wujec presents some surprisingly deep research into the … Continue reading

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Next Monday – be wowed in NYC

(Shameless plug alert. But this is a good one). Next Monday night in New York, Acumen Fund’s NY Chapter is hosting a fun event. There will be talks by Chris Hughes (co-founder of Facebook, brains behind, now launching; … Continue reading

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I am human

When you meet someone for the first time – in a job interview, a sales meeting, wherever – it’s amazing how easily you can differentiate yourself by communicating that you are an actual, living human being. Actual human beings aren’t … Continue reading

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Pattern (mis)recognition

I’m just finishing Chip and Dan Heath’s new book, Switch, which I bought right away because I thought Made to Stick was one of the most actionable books I’ve ever seen about effective communications.  A few years after reading Made … Continue reading

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What we pay, what we get

Lots of inspirational moments today at the Global Philanthropy Forum (live webcast here). It’s too much to try to capture in one post, but my parting reflection from today is how continually humbled I am by the accomplishments of Aravind … Continue reading

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“Biz Class? Ha!” I scoff. Middle seat linebacker gets me off my high horse. : : : : : : : : : : :

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School teaches

That expertise is out there and that it is narrowly defined. That we should narrow our focus and specialize. That if you, the student, don’t know the answer, that there’s an expert who knows better than you. It’s a sharpen-your-number-2-pencils … Continue reading

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