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Our most important job

Schools teach two sets of lessons, one useful, one problematic. The (generally) useful lessons are the ones that teach us the things that schools are meant to teach – reading, writing and arithmetic, progressing to critical thinking and deep domain … Continue reading

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The Butcher and the Baker

On my daily commute to work, I walk from to and from the train station.  It’s not that far – about a half a mile – and I feel lucky not to have to step in a car every day.  … Continue reading

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Anne Marie Burgoyne on Outsourced Fundraising

I couldn’t be happier to have a guest post on outsourced fundraising from Anne Marie Burgoyne.  Anne’s role at Draper Richards is to find and support early-stage, high-growth nonprofits, and Anne serves on the Boards of One Acre Fund, LivingGoods, … Continue reading

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Pictures and Frames

Here’s an idea pilfered (with permission) from my friend Jennifer. It turns out that when people go to museums, they spend up to 10 times as much of their time reading the blurbs next to the artwork as they spend … Continue reading

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What’s working?

Last week I had a meeting that I’d set up with a colleague to get her perspective on how I’m doing at work.  It was a revelation.  She spent most of the meeting saying “What’s working well is…”  “What you … Continue reading

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Hope, Pakistan, and the power of storytelling

From Acumen Fund’s *spark! event last month. Getting to work with people like Jawad Aslam gets me out of bed in the morning. I promise this is worth seeing through to the end. : : : : : : : … Continue reading

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Getting out of Quadrant 2

When you start out in life, just get out of school, and are out there pounding the pavement for that first job or trying to make that first sales call, more often than not you’re carrying around a mental model … Continue reading

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