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Delta: Melancholy in Seat 41F

Dear Delta airlines, Oh what a tangled web you weave!  You, Delta, have achieved an oxymoronic height of customer (dis)satisfaction I didn’t know existed.  Who but you could get me across the country twice, safely, and without hitch or delay … Continue reading

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Inefficient nonprofit marketplace – addendum

For those who don’t subscribe to the comments section of this blog (horror!) you might be interested to see the comments from last week’s post. I’d like to highlight Sean Stanndard-Stockton’s point (paraphrased): it is specifically because donors do not … Continue reading

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Needle in a haystack

In the midst of a productive strategic conversation today, a friend said, “Well it sounds like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack.” “That’s dispiriting,” I said. “It’s not,” he said.  “All you need is a magnet.” The magnet … Continue reading

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More or deeper?

More is: The hunt Acquisition costs Onsite blog traffic Splashy PR Small bets Millions of followers Friends and admirers Deeper is: Relationships Low churn RSS subscribers Specialized media Big bets 1,000 true fans Allies Neither is better or worse, but  … Continue reading

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Four ways to approach business school

Good students go and treat it like school.  They’re good at school and it’s a familiar model: the teacher knows more than I do, assigns stuff to do, teaches me stuff.  I try hard and get good grades because that’s … Continue reading

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The inefficient nonprofit marketplace

A friend who’s doing a lot of work to improve giving practices and flows of capital in the nonprofit marketplace asked me the other day: “do you think capital is allocated efficiently in the nonprofit sector?” “Of course,” is what … Continue reading

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Too busy to do the scary stuff

We have to give ourselves credit – we don’t hide from the hard, scary things in obvious ways.  We get creative, and do things that look similar enough to important stuff that we can fool ourselves.  For example: Yesterday I … Continue reading

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