Circles of humanity

Want to persuade, make a connection, motivate someone to DO something?

Dive as deep towards the center of your humanity as possible, and share that.

Like so many other things, this is the opposite of what we’re taught in professional schools (business, law, policy) and their professional counterparts (McKinsey), where they drum into us how to get good at staying in the outer two circles.

At a minimum, tell stories. But change happens when you share your dreams and your love.

They call it “HEARTS and minds” for a reason.

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One Response to Circles of humanity

  1. Ted Gonder says:

    I’ve bookmarked this, sent it to over a dozen friends, and linked to it in a post

    i just wanted to thank you for posting such ‘human’ material…this post really hit home. sincere appreciation. =D

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