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Gumption and conviction

Some interview questions to get at the important stuff: “What grounds you?” “What are you best at?” “Tell me about at time you changed someone’s mind.” “At your core, what makes you tick?” “What does generosity mean to you?” Degrees … Continue reading

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Right ask, right time, right way

The other day I was lucky enough to sit for an hour with the Acumen Fund Fellows for a talk on networking given by the wonderful, inimitable Sunny Bates.  Sunny is a natural connector, full of joy and exuberance, brimming … Continue reading

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Why am I not more…

A long time ago, I decided to take some time off from school to go live in Spain.  I dutifully bought a copy of “Spanish in 15 Minutes a Day” and had worked my way through the first chapter when … Continue reading

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The big ask

A colleague asked me today, “what different strategies would you use to ask someone for $250,000 as opposed to $50,000?” The first thing to clarify is whether you’re asking the same person for these different amounts of money.  Put another … Continue reading

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Kindle reflections: Do nothing badly

I got a Kindle as a birthday gift, a practical, non-iPad antidote to caving to an iPhone 18 months ago, when I turned in my trusty Blackberry. (Side note for int’l travelers: AT&T iPhone data plan does not cover Kenya). … Continue reading

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The one thing I’d like to know

How can you get a read on an organization, what really makes it tick and if it is functioning well? For example, say you’re considering taking a new job – you want to understand how the place really functions, not … Continue reading

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