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If the only time I hear from you

If the only time I hear from you is… …when you want me to look at something you wrote …or to help you get something published …or when you’re looking for an introduction to someone …or want to promote your … Continue reading

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Here’s how I can help

When trying to console someone, I’ve often found myself, at a loss for what to do, saying “Let me know how I can help.”  Today, in just such a same situation, a friend modeled a different kind of behavior.  She … Continue reading

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Predictably Irrational

Last week I talked some about the “mental models” we carry around to simplify the world.  One of the most powerful, underlying mental models we carry around is about rationality – that people are predominately rational, and that behave (by … Continue reading

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Your reputation

Your reputation has a center of gravity, inertia, and momentum. The center of gravity is the expectation people have about how to judge you, and how to judge what you just did or didn’t do, based on their past experiences … Continue reading

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Three levels of belief

I had a great conversation last week with someone starting a new nonprofit who is aiming to raise $100,000 next year. We ended up talking a lot about how to get started on this seemingly audacious fundraising goal.  Interestingly, we … Continue reading

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Have any questions – ask away

Reposting this short video that’s featured on Acumen’s website.  A great chance to ask questions about whatever interests you. I love the use of annotations in the video (feels like the closest I’ve gotten to doing green screen martial arts … Continue reading

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Why are you staring?

Why are you staring all day at your computer? Is it because you’re working or because you’re trying to figure out what to work on? They’re not the same thing.

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