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Have personality

Saw this great sign yesterday morning at Fairway Supermarket in Pelham.  Fairway is the best combination of high quality and affordable food at any supermarket anywhere (they also make Zabar’s-quality lox, pickled herring, and olives, among other things).  Fairway’s original … Continue reading

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It finally happened

Cranking through my inbox for a few hours doesn’t feel like real work. Satisfying? Yes. A relief?  Yes. But not real work. Pretty sure this is a good sign.

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20-80-100 and Adjacent Possibility

Katya and I were comparing notes last week about our blogs and the experience of blogging. One of the biggest impacts blogging has had on me is that it forces me to develop thoughts that would normally remain 20% developed … Continue reading

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Measure more than distance and speed

A few months ago I started running again after a decade-long hiatus.  Vibram’s five-finger shoes have made my knee pain a thing of the past.  But I’m still working my way back towards running, and it’s slow going (maybe I’m … Continue reading

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Which skills are you practicing?

Maybe today, right now, you’re in a prestigious job (or one that promises to be).  It challenges you but it really isn’t your life’s work. What do you do?  It’s especially hard to get out, because the pay is probably … Continue reading

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The problem with being a naysayer

The problem is that even when you’re right, it’s coming from the person who always dissents, so people will listen to you less. It’s that you’re usually advocating holding off, holding back, or not starting. It’s that, in fact, things … Continue reading

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Nonprofit v. For Profit

I had the chance last night to moderate a Feast Debate (#FeastOnGood) on non-profit vs. for-profit models.  Ruti Wajnberg and Jorge Vega did a great job orchestrating the evening, and it was a pleasure to host a conversation between Jo … Continue reading

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