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Carrots and marketing to the poor

Baby carrots aren’t actually “baby carrots.”  They’re cut carrots that were originally “seconds,” carrots that were too small or deformed to meet supermarket standards.  One day Mike Yorosek , a carrot grower, had the clever idea of peeling and cutting … Continue reading

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Fundraising tip

Silence is your friend. When you’ve shared the great work that you’re doing, when the person across the table from you is clearly excited and ready to jump in with both feet, and when you’ve asked them to make a … Continue reading

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Enough with the bad news

You can subscribe to this blog using an RSS Feed (like Google Reader), or by signing up by email. I hope you do one or the other. (NOTE: for those who find the phrase “RSS Feed” terrifying, it’s actually very … Continue reading

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The list makes no sense without you

Try this: write down everything you currently do in your job.  Make a good, clear list with step-by-step instructions.  Imagine someone’s really going to read and use and follow this document. Could they do it?  Could they follow all the … Continue reading

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Apply by Monday – looking for two great people

I’m looking for two great people to join my team, most likely in New York.  Both roles have incredible potential for impact. One person, for the more junior role, is a crackerjack writer, thinker, synthesizer.  He or she will have … Continue reading

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The nonprofit chasm

Here’s how a former CEO (for about a decade) of one of a well-known, well-respected U.S. charity started his story about his time there: “It was a federated structure, so as CEO I raised only 20% of the money.  So … Continue reading

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Tax day

In the U.S., the taxman cometh tomorrow.  Most of us scramble to make the deadline, but we make it.  We get the forms signed, the extra work done, we dot our i’s and cross our t’s before time is up. … Continue reading

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