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Self reliance

Last September, my son’s first grade teacher proudly said during the parents’ orientation session that one of her main goals for the year was that children finish the year able consistently to follow instructions. Hmmm.  Useful to be sure, but … Continue reading

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A better list

Lists are great – a systematized, orderly way to keep yourself on task and keep track of tasks. Except of course that lists are usually an excuse – an excuse to do everything but the real work we have to … Continue reading

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The elephant

Here’s the deal: he’s in the room, so you options are either to talk about him or to pretend he’s not there. You can put it off, you can discuss other things, you can hide for a while, but he … Continue reading

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I think with my brain, but…

I spent some time today talking with a great filmmaker and TV producer.  Her mantra for everything she creates is to what she called the “micro story:” that one, personal narrative that captures the whole. We know this, but we … Continue reading

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The illusion

Three years since I first started blogging, I’m beginning to get a glimpse of the phantoms that real writers battle: The illusion that, regardless of what happened yesterday, today you’ll have nothing to say. The twinge of loss when you … Continue reading

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Work really hard

All the most incredible people I know work hard.  Really hard.  Crazily hard. My first job out of college was as a management consultant.  The deal in those jobs is that you sign away your life for a few years … Continue reading

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The what and the why

We’re generally really good at and comfortable with talking about “what:” what we’re proposing, what the big vision is, what the plan looks like. We’re eager to spend our time constructing the argument, perfecting the slides, and standing up and … Continue reading

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