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Your (brand) essence is not an inert element

For many years, as is typical in more junior roles in most big companies, I spent most of my time inside the organization.  Working hard, doing client or customer work, but really on the inside.  From there I had a … Continue reading

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We can’t argue about pinball any more

It was my first summer internship at my first real job.  One day at lunch I had a mock-heated discussion with a colleague about whether pinball was a game of skill or luck.  I argued for “skill” and as evidence … Continue reading

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Wanted: open-hearted troublemakers

Katya posted here and here about a call for co-conspirators in creating Generosity Day 2012.  For newer readers, we launched Generosity Day 2011 as a reboot of Valentine’s Day, a chance to create a day about genuine love, openness and … Continue reading

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Eradicating the two-handed forehand

Last weekend I was playing tennis with my son. To get a little more oomph on the ball, he has been hitting his forehand with two hands.  He’s definitely big enough now to hit it one-handed, so I decided to … Continue reading

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Project leader or project doer

There’s a lot of confusion about this one, because you can “do” all the work and not lead, and you can effectively “lead” something without doing all the work. So sometimes someone is asked to “lead” a project and what … Continue reading

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Akil and Sciryl

A guy’s on the subway car with a guitar, ready to sing.  New guy for today, but really he’s just another guy with a guitar…the same old story. But then a passenger yells out, “YOU KNOW ‘MONEY MONEY MONEY BY … Continue reading

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Blog maintenance – for email subscribers

For those of you who subscribe to this blog by email, I just changed the “from” email address for the FeedBurner feed you receive. There’s a small chance that new posts will get caught in your spam filter. If you … Continue reading

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