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The screwdriver

Last week, while on vacation in the South (a few days before hurricane Irene upended our plans), I’d managed to pull down a venetian blind in the house we were renting and I needed a Phillips head screw to fix … Continue reading

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Fast Company Interview

I was excited to be profiled by Lydia Dishman in her Innovation Agents column in Fast Company. Here’s the full copy of the piece. Innovation Agents – Sasha Dichter, Director of Business Development, Acumen Fund BY Lydia Dishman  Fri Aug … Continue reading

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Time to be a little pushier

A friend of mine who’s a media executive described a recent meeting thus: “At the end of the meeting, their CEO agrees we’ll have a decision by Friday. Then she said, ‘…and you may need to bug me a lot … Continue reading

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Gifto reducto ad infinitum

A donor with $50,000 to give faces a surprising conundrum: she knows, intellectually (and perhaps in her gut) that $50,000  is itself not enough to make lasting, large-scale change.  However, we can all agree that $50,000 is an awful lot … Continue reading

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Whence solidarity?

Here’s a simple idea on what to do about taxes for the wealthiest Americans: For those making more than $1 million — there were 236,883 such households in 2009 — I would raise rates immediately on taxable income in excess … Continue reading

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FastCompany thinks social impact investing is a crock (with a long aside on cellphones)

In case you missed it (thanks @beckystraw for sharing it), Anya Kamenetz at FastCompany recently wrote a piece titled “Why Social Investing is a Crock.” It’s a pity that in the effort to grab attention, Ms. Kamenetz crossed the line … Continue reading

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Missing deadlines

There are two things that happen when you miss deadlines, the first obvious, the second insidious. The direct impact is that you don’t ship your product.  Revenues come in later.  Business partners are disappointed.  Your team is let down. The … Continue reading

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