POTSHOTTER  noun \pot-ˈsho-tər\

1 : someone who primarily or exclusively provides criticism

2:  a person who critiques, tears down, weakens


What could be easier than sitting back and describing how something could be better?

“If I were in charge, I’d…”

“This thing is a mess, I can’t believe they let this happen…”

What could be harder than leaning forward and making it better?

Leaning forward, putting yourself on the line, coming up with your own ideas that might be right and might be wrong, getting into the messy thick of things….that’s the hard part, the real part, the valuable part, the part that scares the pants off of most everyone.

2 thoughts on “Potshotters

  1. Vindication is sweet.
    I know of a few people like this in my life, and sometimes, it’s the most draining experience to spend time with them. The negativity, the cynicism and the slow, suffocating feeling they bring to the table are just hard characteristics to deal with, and probably even harder to change.

    Here’s to the movers, shakers and producers who are here to keep their brave pants on and take on the hard, messy part. Just think if most people had this attitude – spread the optimism, I say!

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