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Generosity excerpt

From a reader who was kind enough to share this story. When living in NYC I, like many others, was constantly bombarded by people asking for money, spare change, food if I happened to be carrying some.  And like many … Continue reading

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So and so, such and such

This is how it usually goes. The pitch: Dear So and So, I’ve been working incredibly hard on _____ and I think we are at the cusp of a breakthrough.  My new venture is going to __________ and __________ and … Continue reading

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Simple, direct, actionable

You can choose to do one of two things: Try to convince new people that they want to help you. Give people who are already convinced they want to help you a useful job to do. The first one feels … Continue reading

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Too big

Of all the reasons cited to give or not to give a philanthropic donation, “you’re too big” is the one that I have the hardest time digesting. First, a clarification.  In my experience, most people who say that they want … Continue reading

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Shorten your backswing

It was time today to sit down and write a blog post. I keep track, by email, of blog post ideas when they happen, and was just about to go into that email account when I saw an interesting tweet….that … Continue reading

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Was it ever mine?

The experience of giving isn’t an objective one:  our relation to the money we give and the attitudes we bring to bear directly impact our own experience and on our practice. So much collected teaching and wisdom about giving rests … Continue reading

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Who are you looking for?

What do your job postings look like?  Do they look anything like this one placed in a British newspaper by Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton, looking to hire crew for his Nimrod expedition to reach the South Pole (he never succeeded): … Continue reading

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