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What page are you on?

A lot of people with whom I regularly trade ideas are reading Walter Isaacson’s page-turning biography of Steve Jobs. And so for the first time I find myself frustrated with all the limitations on sharing capabilities in e-Readers (I’m using … Continue reading

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Says who?

I snapped this picture at the local U.S. Post Office.  The question is: who exactly said that they are the “official shipper of the holidays?” The answer, of course, is: they did By deciding something and saying it out loud, … Continue reading

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What you create with a generous act

John Tierney wrote a smart piece in the Sunday New York Times about the salubrious effects of gratitude. He write, “Cultivating an ‘attitude of gratitude’ has been linked to better health, sounder sleep, less anxiety and depression, higher long-term satisfaction … Continue reading

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One trait to rule them all

If you had one non-negotiable trait that you’d want everyone representing your organization to hold, share and transmit, what would it be? Of course you’ve got bright, engaged people.  They are confident and interesting, energetic and well-versed in what you … Continue reading

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10 year milestones are mushrooming

Another exciting 10-year milestone came last week: Network for Good turned 10.  My friend Katya has many credits to her name (Network for Good’s COO, the author of Robin Hood Marketing, and she writes the fabulous, must-read Nonprofit Marketing Blog) … Continue reading

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The best way to give thanks

Next week is Thanksgiving in the United States.  I’ve always enjoyed the holiday since it’s focused on family and on gratitude, without a lot of gift-giving hullabaloo or commercialization (the Macy’s Day Parade notwithstanding, though that’s pretty fun too). Generosity … Continue reading

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There are lots of different email strategies out there (and it’s quite a reflection on the world we live in that mastering email is a key element in becoming more professionally productive).  You might file or search; you might believe … Continue reading

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