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The whole without a map thing is not (just) a metaphor

A couple of weeks ago, I was running a familiar four mile loop and decided I was feeling good enough that I’d extend the run.  Rather than take the final right turn a half mile from the “end” of the … Continue reading

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There is nothing romantic about an empty farm

On a run this past weekend in Mississippi, I ran over the levee and past some dilapidated farming homes that had been abandoned after this springs’ floods.  I was struck by the nobility of the structures and the spirit of … Continue reading

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Vegetarian mini-rant

I became an almost-vegan about a year ago after reading The China Study.  I gave giving up meat and dairy a try for 30 days, and I discovered to my surprise that I felt so much better all around that … Continue reading

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3 Thoughts on Generosity

The guys over at asked me to write one of their inaugural posts on generosity.  They describe the site as “An Outlet For Renegade Thinkers focused on introducing innovative and adventurous individuals taking intentional steps toward positive change.” *                             … Continue reading

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What you do, how you got here, what you think

I’m constantly amazed, when hearing people formally present their ideas, by the balance of where they spend their time. It’s immeasurably safer to catalogue your credentials, your track record, and the path that brought us to today.  Unfortunately, we can … Continue reading

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The open 360

I recently participated in a powerful, surprising, and very positive experience of open communication and feedback.  The idea was simple and a bit terrifying: bring a team together and have, one-by-one, an in-person, open 360-degree feedback conversation about each member … Continue reading

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The deadline opportunity

Deadlines force focus, can create superhuman results, can help people who have been dithering decide to act. They are, in short, incredible opportunities. Your leadership challenge is to see deadlines coming and plan for them appropriately, get the groundwork and … Continue reading

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