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Why Generosity Day spreads

The good folks at Say100 Media asked me to answer some questions about Generosity Day.  Here’s the text or the original interview is here. We asked Sasha to tell us about Generosity Day 2012, why generosity is contagious, and how … Continue reading

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Just like

Arriving at the airport, looking for a cab, a woman accosts me. “Taxi?” “Yes, I’m looking for a taxi.” “Come with me!  I’m just like a taxi.  Same price.” No thanks. Here are the problems with “just like” something else: … Continue reading

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Fundraising math and electoral politics

When I first joined Acumen Fund in January 2007, our goal was to raise $100 million in philanthropy in 24 months.  Like lots of things in life, a little ignorance goes a long way – I didn’t have direct fundraising … Continue reading

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Marketing vocab lesson

I noticed this new ad for the Amazon Kindle today…. ….and then was reading my friend Tom Fishburne’s weekly Brand Camp marketoon: “What Ads Say” (due homage paid to Gary Larson) It seems so obvious that the best way to … Continue reading

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Joy is

Watching an idea grow, seeing someone else take it places you didn’t know it could go. I’ve already shared the wonderful Jubilee Project video for Generosity Day, which magically captured how Generosity Day is fundamentally about reconnecting to love and … Continue reading

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What would be great

…is if yesterday was the beginning of seeing how we could act the other 364 days of the year. Not necessarily each and every action, totally unfiltered, but an orientation to the world. Happy day-after Generosity Day. (and give us … Continue reading

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Happy Generosity Day 2012

I’m so excited – the day is here and I’m getting wonderful generosity stories from far and wide. One person went to a simple, down-home restaurant and appreciated the service so much that he left a tip “as if it … Continue reading

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