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Spreading ideas and vanity metrics

Last week a guy I’ve never heard of on a blog I’ve never seen posted my Generosity Experiment video on his blog, generating a nice flurry of tweets from a bunch of folks. My first reaction should have been: “Great!” … Continue reading

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Three email rules and the bcc courtesy

Bcc: (“blind carbon copy”) has been with us since the beginning of email (as in this great ARPA email standard from 1977).  Even before email (yes, there was such a time), written office memos would be sent to recipients without … Continue reading

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10 (percent)

I’ve been finding a lot of power lately in 10% shifts in how I spend my time.  It’s an increment big enough to matter – an experiment big enough that you can learn something – but small enough that there’s … Continue reading

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Your job, and leverage

If your life is one of service, then the one question to ask yourself when figuring out where you are and where you’re going is: What role, what organization, what situation allows me to maximize the impact I’m having on … Continue reading

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Graduation – Dorothea Tanning

I came across this beautiful poem on the NYC Subway today.  Poignant words as we head into a graduation weekend. Graduation He told us, with the years, you will come to love the world. And we sat there with our … Continue reading

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Generosity partnership

Yesterday I had the pleasure to spend a few hours at one of Seth Godin’s seminars.  If you believe in making a ruckus, if you’d benefit from a day of real conversation (and inspiration, and stories, and plenty of laughs) … Continue reading

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Your idea

At the start it’s just smoke, a wisp. It has no substance or form. You can take it around to people for help shaping it, so you can better understand what it could be. But the thing is, at the … Continue reading

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