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Mailing it in

Today I received emails from class representatives from both my high school and graduate school asking me to give as part of an annual campaign. Both asks were identical: our participation rates are low, please give so we can increase … Continue reading

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The thing about being generous

Is that most of the time the generosity comes right back at you, except when it doesn’t. You can lean into that rejection too. That tiny sense that someone just took advantage of you? It’s a reminder that this isn’t … Continue reading

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No irrational action

I used to dismiss what looked like irrational action.  I’d watch people’s behaviors and, when things didn’t make sense to me, I’d let it go. “Sometimes people do things that just don’t make sense” was a safe refrain.  Maybe they … Continue reading

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Hard skills, soft skills, real skills

There’s a whole set of things that feel concrete and objective and are easiest to talk about: writing, financial modeling skills, project management, writing a decent PowerPoint deck, etc. And then there a whole set of “softer” skills – skill … Continue reading

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ionPoverty with Anne-Marie Burgoyne

I thought I’d share Jonathan Lewis’ ionPoverty interview with my friend Anne-Marie Burgoyne. Anne-Marie’s portfolio of totally incredible social enterprises is a sight to behold: she funds amazing early-stage social entrepreneurs, and over the course of her three year engagement … Continue reading

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Insight as a spectator sport

I recently reread Daniel Goleman’s 1998 Harvard Business Review article on emotional intelligence .  Goleman’s research showed that as individuals get more senior in organizations, differentials in performance are a function not of intellect and technical skills but of emotional … Continue reading

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Fundraising problem

Here’s the conundrum: transactions happen today, relationships build over months, even years.   Real relationship-building doesn’t conform to rules of thumb or your annual targets.  Also, if you’re building from scratch, it could take years to get from here to there. … Continue reading

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